1. Do you post to my location?

We can post to most locations around the world.

2. How do I get free shipping?

If your postal location is in Australia you will automatically receive free registered post, for international buyers you will need to spend a minimum of $300AUD or pay $10 for postage.

3. Is your jewellery real or plated?

We only sell fine jewellery meaning any piece you purchase will be solid Gold, Silver or Platinum.

4. Do you make custom jewellery?

Yes we do, please use the contact page pop-up or email Tristan.S@OtteryJewellery.com with what you would like as well as your specifications and we will come back to you with a design and a quote.

5. Why should I trust you?

We are a registered Australian business meaning we must comply with all relevant legislation, the same legislation which protects you when you purchase from a bricks and mortar store.

6. What if I purchase the wrong product?

We will happily give a store credit or exchange your product plus the difference in price. Item must be returned in original condition and original packaging.

7. What if my item is damaged?

We inspect every piece before it leaves our premises however, in the unlikely event that you piece arrives to you damaged we will replace it once has been returned to us and we have completed an investigation into how the damage occurred.

8. What if I recieve the wrong item?

Please contact Tristan.S@OtteryJewellery.com and we will discuss the best options to remedy the situation.

9. Do you re-size rings?

Most of our rings come in a stock size of P, However if they need to be re-sized please pick the appropriate size that you need when placing your order (an extra fee may apply). If you have a ring that you already own and you want it re-sized email us at Tristan.S@OtteryJewellery.com and we will get back to you with a quote.

10. How do i know my order has been placed?

When you place your order our system will automatically send you an email informing you that your order has been placed.

11. How do i know when my order has been shipped?

Our system will send you a confirmation email once we have shipped your item.

12. Why was my card declined?

There are many reasons why a card may be declined, we recommend contacting your financial institution first to see if they can rectify the problem. If this does not rectify the situation send an email to Tristan.S@OtteryJewellery.com.

13. What should i do if I am having troubles placing my order?

Please send an email to Tristan.S@OtteryJewellery.com and we will try to rectify the problem.

14. I want to send one of your products to a loved one as a gift, are you able to do this?

Yes, all you have to do is put their details in the name field i.e. name and address, then in the notes section put your details so we know who you are and note that it is a gift. We will ensure that there is no invoice in the package, we also recommend that in the email field you put your own email address so your loved one does not receive correspondence from us which could include an invoice. 

15. What type of package and signage will be on my parcel?

We will send your purchase in a bubble pack satchel, your package will be sent in a nondescript way. Meaning it will have your address and our return address we however, use the owners name as the name on the returned to sender section. This is to ensure your package looks like any other parcel.

16. Will i be able to have my package left in my letter box or doorstep?

Sorry we can not do this, we follow strict security procedures which ensures your package is handled with security at the forefront. We send all our packages out with a signature on delivery to ensure the highest possible chance of arriving in your hands safe and secure.

17. Why is my product delayed?

Due to security reasons we do not store our products on-site this is to minimise the likely hood of thefts which we do to keep our prices low please allow a couple of days for us to obtain your items and deliver them to you. Not all items on our site are kept in stock generally we can order your items and have them posted within 2-3 days depending on our suppliers inventory.

During peak times we may also run out of stock our suppliers may have a low level of stock too this can create an order to be delayed but rest assured we are working hard to get your order dispatched.

There may also be a delay within Australia Post this is out of our control however, we will endeavor to liaise with them to find out why there is a delay.