About Us

Ottery Jewellery is an online boutique jewellery store, we operate out of the foot hills of the Blue Mountains, Australia. We started because we had a vision that jewellery should be affordable for everyone not just a select few. We saw many jewellers would advertise this fact but none could back up this claim. We did some research and found that many of these jewellers were making astronomical profits while making their customers believe that they were purchasing at their lowest possible price.

We only sell quality fine jewellery that lives up to not only our expectations but yours as well. Sure we know you may find jewellery that is cheaper, many of these pieces are of an inferior quality or even worse advertised as something they are not. One trick many online jewellers use is they will stock a piece which they will advertise as a real gemstone which is actually lab created or even worse coloured glass. We want you to know exactly what you are buying if a piece has a lab created stone we will include this in our description. We will not try to deceive you by passing off inferior quality products as premium products. We never have and never will engage in deceptive practices this is our guarantee.

We have many services available we offer affordable pre-made fine jewellery many of which can be resized to suit you. We also offer custom jewellery design and repairs we can also repair watches, to make use of any of these services send an email to Tristan.S@otteryjewellery.com. Once you have made contact we can discuss which service you would like to use as well as help with design. Once we have agreed on what you want we will send you through a quote for these services.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at; Tristan.S@otteryjewellery.com or sales@otteryjewellery.com