Custom Designed Jewellery

Sometimes you want a piece that is unique, something you designed, when a standard piece just doesn't meet your needs. That is where our custom designed service can be used, we will work with you to create the piece that you have in mind.

Firstly we will have a talk with you to work out what it is that you would like designed, the next step is we will talk to our design specialist. We will make sure that what you want can be achieved, if it can, our design specialist will contact you to ensure your design is correct. We will then start the design process. 

Alternatively if there is a design that you like you can send us a photo along with any modifications that you would like to make. The process will be the same as designing normal custom piece. 

Once you have approved the design we will organise a quote and once you are happy about the price we will begin the manufacturing process. We will require a deposit before we can start manufacture, we will handle the payment in the same way we would if you were to purchase an item off our online store. Of course you can still use afterpay, zippay or zipmoney. This will be subject to the afterpay and zippay terms of conditions which can be found on their websites. 

We only use trusted industry professionals that meet our high expectations, we’ve done the hard work to ensure only the best people will be creating your piece. This takes the stress away from you to ensure that your bespoke jewellery is made to last. 

All enquiries about this service can be sent to