What you need to know about jewellery valuations

What you need to know about jewellery valuations

What is a Jewellery valuation? A jewellery valuation is where a qualified will put a price on a piece many variables a taken into consideration before putting a valuation to a piece. Some of these factors include what type of metal is it made out of, is it gold? is it silver but going further into this is it 9 karat? 18 karat or 22 karat there are other factors such as what type of stones are in it? what are the quality of those stones? What they quality of craftsmanship is and and how much time the jeweller put into the piece. 

Why is this so important? The reason this is important is due to this will determine the price that you pay as well as other factors such as what you will tell your insurance company. There are many pieces where you will need to get an independent valuation completed if you want to know the true value of your piece. With this being said many valuations are subjective, the valuation is based on the knowledge the valuer has on hand about the materials and craftsmanship. Most valuations will be close but they will differ. 

Jewellery like most items are worth what the buyer is willing to pay, a piece can be valued at a specific price but if there isn't a seller willing to sell at that price or a buyer then the value does not mean anything. like every market there needs these two components for any sale to take place.  

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