What is a colour "fancy" diamond

What is a colour "fancy" diamond

What is a coloured or fancy diamond? This is what this blog post is here to answer. What creates these colours, why they are so rare and why they are so expensive.

To start off with what is a fancy diamond? 

A fancy diamond is a diamond which displays a colour which is desirable. Sure there are numerous diamonds which display colour but these are usually not desirable and used in industrial applications such as diamond tipped drill bits and saw blades and the like. The reason for this is diamond is the hardest substance known to man and as such is the perfect substance for these applications. They are graded and they may be used for this purpose due to there shape, size colour or imperfections. Most diamonds which are mined are considered to to be clear diamonds even though they may have hues of other colour more commonly being yellow. Fancy diamonds het their colour from impurities which exist within the diamond.

Why are fancy diamonds so rare?

Fancy diamonds a so rare due to the impurities which are contained within them. Diamonds are created by millions of years of pressure, this causes a diamond to from. The reason why fancy diamonds are so rare is a result of these impurities not being apart of this process. 

Why are fancy diamonds so expensive?

Fancy diamonds are so rare as a result of their rarity but also as a result of their desirability. Argyle pink diamonds are known for being a beautiful pink coloured diamond which can only be found in remote areas of Australia. Due to their pink colour this makes them desirable, also the processes which is required to mine these diamonds. As with all pieces of jewellery the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what they are willing to spend. Meaning what one person likes another may dislike. There are many variable which go into a valuation of a fancy diamond. 

Generally speaking diamonds are graded by the 4 C's Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. The most important for fancy diamonds is colour which also takes into consideration the Hue, Saturation and Tone.

Hue: The primary colour you se within the diamond.

Saturation: The intensity of the colour within the diamond

Tone: How light or dark the colour is in the diamond.

Usually the value of the diamond is based on the rarity, usually people want a high saturation of colour but as always personal preference will always play a huge role in what that person is willing to pay. The image below which is from the Gemological Institute of America shows the 27 hues (colours) of a fancy diamond. 

Fancy diamonds colours

As can be seen fancy diamonds are valued higher than a standard clear diamond and there are reasons for this. You will have a favourite and this is fine jewellery and gemstones are generally emotional purchases. They are valuable based on what people want and their rarity. 

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