Tips about Mens Jewellery click here to find out more.

Tips about Mens Jewellery click here to find out more.

Mens Jewellery and what separates it from womens jewellery? traditionally men wear jewellery which is chunkier and less rounded. Years gone by men were restricted in what they could wear, but in the progressive society we have now men can be seen wearing all types of jewellery in all different styles. 

What are some typical men's pieces of jewellery? Men typically wear rings and watches but some lesser known pieces include cufflinks and tie bars although they are not seen to be pieces of jewellery they are in fact a piece in which the typical man indulges without even relising it. 

The working man would typically be restricted in what he can wear, this normally included a watch and a wedding ring. There are various reasons for this which include safety issues as well as the wear and tear which can occur to the piece. 

In regards to watches many will say that it is a way of keeping time but in today's society there are watches that sell for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions. These can be hardly considered to be a way of keeping time but more of fashion statement. Some will say that a watch with a leather strap is an accessory whereas those with a stainless steel band is jewellery. Don't let these people tell you what your watch is you make that decision. 

Just remember jewellery is a way of adding your personal touch to your fashion, this is something you need to decide on. Don't let others tell you what you can wear or how it should be worn. At the end of the day it is not them who are wearing it, it is you. 

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