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Congratulations! You're engaged and embarking on the exciting journey of wedding planning. With countless decisions to be made, choosing the perfect wedding jewellery can feel overwhelming. But fear not, brides-to-be! This comprehensive guide from Ottery Jewellery will help you navigate the world of bridal jewellery and find pieces that complement your unique style and flawlessly enhance your wedding attire.

Understanding Your Bridal Style

Before diving into specific jewellery recommendations, it's crucial to identify your overall bridal style. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Formal or informal? Is your wedding a grand ballroom affair or a whimsical garden ceremony? The formality of your event will influence the level of detail and grandeur in your jewellery choices.
  • Classic or modern? Do you gravitate towards timeless elegance or fashion-forward trends? Understanding your taste in jewellery will ensure your selections feel authentic to you.
  • Minimalist or statement-making? Do you prefer simple, understated pieces or bolder options that add a touch of drama? Finding the balance between your jewellery and overall look is essential.
  • Romantic, vintage, or bohemian? The theme of your wedding can also inspire your jewellery choices. Consider incorporating elements that reflect the overall aesthetic.

Matching Jewellery to Your Dress Silhouette

The silhouette of your wedding dress plays a significant role in selecting complementary jewellery. Here are some tips:

  • Ball Gown: A ball gown exudes elegance and grandeur. Opt for statement necklaces with cascading details,chandelier earrings, or a bold pendant. A tiara or elaborate hairpiece can add a touch of royalty, but ensure it doesn't compete with the neckline of your dress.
  • Mermaid/Fit-and-Flare: This silhouette accentuates your curves. Balance the proportions with a delicate necklace that sits just above your collarbone. Delicate drop earrings or chandelier earrings that elongate the neck will flatter this style.
  • A-Line: This versatile silhouette offers flexibility in jewellery choices. A simple pendant necklace or a choker with a touch of sparkle can add elegance. Consider stud earrings or delicate drop earrings to frame your face.
  • Sheath: A sheath dress is known for its clean lines. Keep your jewellery minimal and sophisticated. A solitaire necklace or a delicate pearl strand can add a touch of class. Chandelier earrings or simple studs will complete the look.
  • Strapless: A strapless dress draws attention to your neckline. Opt for a statement necklace that complements the shape of the neckline, whether it's a sweetheart, illusion, or straight across. Keep earrings delicate to avoid overwhelming the upper body.

Choosing the Right Metals and Stones

The metals and stones you choose will influence the overall look and feel of your jewellery. Here's a breakdown of popular options:

  • Metals:
    • Platinum: Known for its bright white colour and durability, platinum is a classic choice for wedding jewellery.
    • White Gold: A more affordable alternative to platinum, white gold offers a similar bright white colour.
    • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold exudes warmth and complements vintage-inspired or bohemian wedding themes.
    • Rose Gold: Rose gold adds a romantic touch and pairs beautifully with blush or ivory wedding dresses.
    • Sterling Silver: A budget-friendly option, sterling silver offers a simple and elegant look.
  • Stones:
    • Diamonds: The epitome of elegance and sophistication, diamonds are a timeless choice for wedding jewellery.
    • Pearls: Pearls add a touch of classic romance and come in various colours and sizes.
    • Moissanite: An affordable alternative to diamonds, moissanite offers exceptional brilliance and fire.
    • Sapphires: Available in a rainbow of colours, sapphires can add a unique pop of colour to your bridal look.
    • Emeralds: For a touch of vintage glamour, emeralds offer a lush green colour that complements certain wedding themes.

Additional Tips for Selecting Bridal Jewellery

  • Consider your hairstyle: Updos allow for statement earrings and necklaces, while loose hairstyles might benefit from simpler pieces.
  • Think about comfort: You'll be wearing your jewellery for a long time on your wedding day. Ensure it's comfortable and won't irritate your skin.
  • Don't forget about bracelets: A delicate bracelet can add a touch of elegance, especially if your dress has sleeves.
  • Match your metals: If you have a mix of jewellery pieces, ensure the metals complement each other.
  • Prioritise quality: Invest in well-made pieces that you'll cherish for years to come.
  • Most importantly, feel confident! Your wedding jewellery should make you feel radiant and beautiful on your special day. 

    Whatever style you choose, we have the jewellery available at Ottery Jewellery
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