The Perfect Circle: Celebrating Love with Wedding Rings




Wedding rings, those exquisite bands of precious metal, symbolise a momentous occasion – the union of two souls. Worn for centuries as a token of commitment and eternal love, these timeless circles hold immense significance. Ottery Jewellery, a leading Australian jeweller, explores the history, traditions, and symbolism behind wedding rings, guiding you towards finding the perfect token for your happily ever after.

A Tradition Rooted in History: The Origins of Wedding Rings

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings can be traced back to ancient civilisations. Egyptians believed circles represented eternity, while Romans used rings made of iron or bronze to signify a financial contract. Over time, the symbolism evolved, and by the Middle Ages, wedding rings crafted from precious metals became a symbol of love and fidelity.

A Circle of Love: The Symbolism of Wedding Rings

The simple circle of a wedding ring embodies profound meaning:

  • Eternity: The unbroken circle represents everlasting love and commitment, a bond that transcends time.
  • Fidelity: Wearing a wedding ring serves as a public declaration of devotion and faithfulness to one's partner.
  • Unity: Two separate rings become one, symbolising the joining of two lives and the creation of a new family unit.
  • Strength: The enduring nature of the precious metal reflects the strength and resilience of love.

Choosing Your Perfect Circle: Wedding Ring Styles and Metals

At Ottery Jewellery, we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding ring that reflects your unique love story. We offer a diverse collection to suit every taste and preference:

  • Classic Bands: Simple and elegant, these timeless designs never go out of style. Available in various metals like yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and rose gold, they offer a touch of sophistication.
  • Modern Designs:For those seeking a contemporary touch, we offer rings with intricate engravings and unique textures. 

    Matching Sets: Many couples opt for matching wedding bands, symbolising equality and unity within the partnership.
  • Mixed Metals: Combining different coloured metals like rose gold and white gold creates a unique and personal touch.

Expert Guidance from Ottery Jewellery: Finding the Ideal Wedding Ring

Choosing your wedding ring is a significant decision. Ottery Jewellery's experienced staff are here to guide you through the selection process. We consider your style preferences, budget, and symbolism to help you find the perfect ring that embodies your love story.

Beyond the Selection Process:

Ottery Jewellery goes beyond simply providing you with a ring. We offer additional services to make your wedding ring experience unforgettable:

  • Ring Resizing: Ensure a perfect fit with our expert resizing services.
  • 10 year manufacture guarantee  (T&C’s apply)

Celebrate Your Love with Ottery Jewellery's Wedding Ring Collection

Let Ottery Jewellery be part of the beginning of your forever. Visit our website to discover a breathtaking collection of wedding rings. With our expert guidance and diverse selection, you'll find the perfect symbol of your love to embark on your happily ever after.

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