Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

From beautiful engagement rings in platinum, white gold, yellow or rose gold to exclusive round, oval or princess cut diamonds, the combination of ring styles s truly limitless. Lab-grown diamond engagement rings come in all shapes and styles, from timeless round, oval and round cut stones to elegant pears and marquises. The styles of diamond engagement rings vary greatly and new styles are constantly being created that express the many individual tastes that make up our world. But a new generation of engagement ring styles embellished with smaller diamonds are rapidly gaining popularity.    

Unconventional rings include vintage diamond rings, three diamond ring and diamond bridal sets. First choose from nine different ring styles/settings (halo, double halo, three-stone, straight, solitaire, three-stone halo, free shape, wide band, and split ring) as the basis for each engagement ring. At Ottery Jewellery, we believe that an engagement ring should reflect your personal style. When you create your own engagement ring, there are many ways to make it unique. Choose from various inlays, diamond shapes, sizes, metals, etc. to create a unique look.  

The type of diamond you choose should suit your individual style (plus it will give a boost to your ring stack options). How a diamond is cut determines its appearance, shape and even brilliance. Their cut also influences which diamonds match which jewellery setting. Even a perfect looking stone can have imperfections, also known as inclusions, tiny black or white spots or lines that occur naturally when a diamond has been formed in the earth over millions of years. 

For those who want both, a matching band can be made to match the contours of a custom-made diamond engagement ring. Find out more about each diamond shape and size to find the perfect glitter silhouette for your loved one.   

Choosing timeless high quality jewellery should be a priority when looking for the perfect diamond. Find the perfect personalised and unique diamond engagement rings at Ottery Jewellery. There are many options to consider when buying an engagement ring.

For every style and budget, made even more spectacular with carefully selected engagement diamonds guaranteed to shine for life. These timeless styles have been reimagined with shiny new design details. Browse through our amazing collection and choose from spectacular selection of diamonds or sparkly gemstones, available in a variety of shapes and styles. You can choose from exclusive designer brands and custom rings at Ottery Jewellery

At Ottery Jewellery, we know how important it is to choose a unique ring to satisfy your unique style. Whether you like something light and elegant, or something decorative and eye-catching, traditional diamond rings can't go wrong. 


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