Why custom jewellery is better than bepoke, find out why here.

Why custom jewellery is better than bepoke, find out why here.

So you’ve been looking to having a piece of jewellery made and you see some stores advertise as custom jewellery and others advertise bespoke jewellery. Is there really a difference and if so what is it? 

first we will start of with the meaning of bespoke, it can mean either made to order or custom. What does this mean when a store is advertising bespoke jewellery? Due to the double meaning it does not necessarily mean you are getting jewellery that is unique it just means it wasn’t already made when you  purchased it. A good example of this is men’s plain wedding bands, most of the time you have to try one on then the store will put an order in to have it made. This still fits in with the meaning of bespoke but it isn’t custom it is the same as every other men’s wedding band.

Another reason stores will say their jewellery is bespoke is because it’s a word that is different, meaning it’s meaning is not completely understood. This makes the service more appealing as it sounds special and more upmarket making their customers feel they are getting jewellery that is worth more than it actually is. 

Custom jewellery on the other hand is a very familiar word everyone knows the meaning and it can not be misunderstood. Custom Jewellery is still made to order, however you as the customer have a say in the design, gemstones and whether is it Gold, Silver or Platinum. Many store will still ask you to do some research and show some designs you like, they aren’t doing this to copy those designs rather they are trying to pick the parts that you like and put them into one piece. 

Many people prefer to have a piece custom made especially engagement rings, this is because they want a design that represents their love. Having a say in the design of your partners engagement ring is one of the best feelings, knowing your partner is wearing your design. 

We offer custom jewellery check out our custom jewellery page by clicking here. With payment options such as afterpay, Zippay, Zipmoney, Secure credit card payments and PayPal there is never a better time to design you perfect ring now. 


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