Cullinan Diamonds

Cullinan Diamonds

The worlds largest Diamond called the Cullinan Diamond was named after the mine owner.  Weighing at 3,106.75 carats. Discovered in 1905 in South Africa was to be presented and given to King Edward VII.

The issue was, how do you get such an expensive and precious stone to England without it being stolen or lost? What they did is that they held a large ceremony, where they loaded a lock box surrounded by London detectives onto a ship heading towards England. That was just a decoy to attract thieves, if they stole it they just stole a pretty stone of no value. The actual way they transported the largest and most expensive diamond discovered was just in a normal parcel that anyone could buy from the post office and sent it by post. 

When the King wanted to cut the Diamond he entrusted it to the famous Asscher's Diamond Co. in Amsterdam. It took them 6 months of studying the Diamond before they even started to cut the it. When they were ready to cut the diamond the blade reportedly broke. On the second attempt, the Cullinan Diamond split in two as planned. A worker at the time said that Mr.Asscher fainted when he split the Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond produced nine major stones:

  • The Great Star of Africa

    Weighing 530.2 carats set on top the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross which is the largest clear cut diamond in the world. This diamond can be taken out to be used as a brooch attached to the Second Star of Africa which Queen Mary often did. 

  • The Second Star of Africa

    Weighing 317.4 carats it is set in the front of the the Imperial State Crown below the Black Prince's Ruby (Which is actually Spinel). It has a yellow gold enclosure which is screwed into the crown itself

  • The Lesser Star of Africa

    Weighing 94.4 carats Queen Mary has it set on top of the 
    cross pattée of a crown she personally had bought for her coronation. Today, it is most frequently worn by Queen Elizabeth II as a brooch

  • Cullinan IV (A Lesser Star of Africa)

    Weighing 63.6 carats This was also was set in the base of Queen Mary's Crown. Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip visited Asscher Diamond Company, where the diamond was cut 50 years earlier. This was the first time she had worn it publicly. She allowed the nephew of Joseph Asscher and he was deeply moved that the Queen had brought the diamond with her

  • Cullinan V

    Weighing 18.8 carats it was set in the center of a platinum brooch. Which was worn by Queen Mary

  • Cullinan VI

    Weighing 11.5 carats it hangs from the the brooch containing the Cullinan VIII, forming the a part of the Delhi Durbar Parure. When just using the Cullinan VI and VIII they can be formed to make another brooch

  • Cullinan VII

    Weighing 8.8 carats it was given as a gift to Queen Alexandria from her husband King Edward VII. After King Edwards death, Queen Alexandra gave the jewel to Queen Mary who had it set as a pendant which is apart of the Delhi Durbar

  • Cullinan VIII

    Weighing 6.8 carats It's set in the Delhi Durbar

  • Cullinan IX

    Weighing 4.39 carats the smallest of the principal diamonds which is set in a platinum ring known simply as the Cullinan IX ring


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