Caring for your jewellery and precious stones

Caring for your jewellery and precious stones

What sort of care is required for your jewellery and precious stones?

The last thing on the minds of many people is how to care for their pieces of jewellery, besides the occasional polish and clean with a damp cloth this is what most people tend to think of when if comes to jewellery maintenance.

Like all things of value it is best to have them looked over by a qualified professional for wear and tear as well as defects. We all know that person who has lost the diamond out of their engagement ring, this generally is not a result of poor craftsmanship. This can generally occur due to wear and tear, if you have a ring with a claw setting take a look at how thin the piece of metal is hold it on. Through normal use this can deteriorate and bend or break, by having it serviced regularly this can minimise the chance of this happening.

While we are on the topic of diamonds people believe they are virtually indestructible due to their hardness. This is true in sum respects they are resistant to scratches but they are susceptible to chipping and event smashing. These things can be noted in the service and can be replaced in necessary. 

Polishing white gold should only be done by a qualified jeweller this is because there is a very thin layer of rhodium on most white gold pieces. If  the piece were top be polished by someone unqualified it is likely they will take this layer of which will make the piece to become dull. 

This topic there isn't much to learn but it is an important none the less, to ensure your jewellery lasts the test of time it is advisable to have it inspected by a qualified jeweller. We can organise this with our jewellery repair service.       

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