Can You Afterpay an Engagement Ring?


At Ottery Jewellery, we understand the significance of finding the perfect engagement ring. That's why we offer a stunning collection of diamond, gemstone and custom designs to suit every style and budget.


What is Afterpay?


Afterpay is a popular buy-now-pay-later service that allows you to purchase your dream engagement ring and pay for it in installments over time. With no interest or hidden fees, Afterpay makes it easier to own the ring you love.


How Does Afterpay Work at Ottery Jewellery?


Using Afterpay at Ottery Jewellery is simple:


- Browse our engagement ring collection online

- Choose your dream ring

- Sign up for Afterpay (or log in if you're already a user)

  • Pay for your engagement ring over 4 payments

Benefits of Using Afterpay at Ottery Jewellery


- Flexibility: Afterpay allows you to purchase your dream engagement ring immediately while paying in manageable installments.

- Budget-friendly: Break down the cost into smaller payments, making it more affordable.

- No interest or hidden fees: As long as you make timely payments, you won't incur additional charges.

- Convenience: Shop online and use Afterpay for a seamless experience.


Why Choose Ottery Jewellery for Your Afterpay Engagement Ring?


- Expert guidance: Our experienced team will help you find the perfect ring.

- Quality and craftsmanship: We guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship in our engagement rings. Including a 10 year guarantee (terms and conditions apply)

- Custom designs: We offer custom design services to create your dream ring.

- Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing to ensure you get the best value.


Make Your Dream Engagement Ring a Reality


Using Afterpay at Ottery Jewellery can make your dream engagement ring a reality. Visit us online to explore our collection and discuss your Afterpay options with our friendly team. Let us help you find the perfect ring to symbolize your love and commitment.


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