Buying jewellery online, good idea or not?

Buying jewellery online, good idea or not?

Buying jewellery online, good idea? Or bad idea? 

Buying jewellery online can open up the possibilities of what is available to you. When you buy from a store you are limited to what they have in stock. The purchase of jewellery online can open up a world of possibilities, if there is a jewellery that you like and is not available in one store it is easy to move to the next store. This is not that easy when shopping in person. Online stores when based in Australia are bound by the same consumer laws which bound bricks and mortar stores. Online stores are normally cheaper as they do not have the same costs a conventional store has. Many stores also offer custom made jewellery, which is process which normally occurs. Online jewellers tend to have a larger selection as they don’t necessarily have to hold stock. Meaning online jewellery stores will order the stock when you order it off their website. This generally means a larger catalogue. 

There are some negatives with purchasing online. You are not able to try on a piece of jewellery to see how it looks on you. For some people this will turn them away from online and towards traditional jewellers. Some websites offer a service where you take a photo and you are able to superimpose it on a photo of your self. This is a service we are looking into but still in a research and test phases. There are scams online, which can happen in traditional stores but more prone with online shopping. This is why we recommend doing research before purchasing jewellery online, and of course with any other online purchase. Look for authenticity, such as ensuring they are a registered business. Our business registration certificate can be viewed here. Have a talk with the business about what you want to purchase do they know what they are talking about? Look at reviews for their online business. Don’t just take what the reviews say, scrutinise them ensure they are genuine. 

Purchasing jewellery online can be daunting. The mere fact you buying jewellery tends to mean it is a substantial purchase. Buy purchasing from an online retailer this can reduce this cost significantly. Many stores will offer the same services a traditional jeweller. This comes with some risks that can be mitigated by researching. Ensure who your buying off is legitimate and traceable. Look at contacting the business if you are unsure. Look at registration certificates to ensure they are bound by Australian law. We are happy to chat with anyone over the phone or by email if there are any further questions on this topic or any others listed on our site. 

All advice given is general only, we accept no liability for any advice given in this blog. Further research is needed as our lists given are not exhaustive and only give an indication to strategies which can be used. 

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